Crisis management

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Important note:

Following 8 days of absence in Professional mode or 4 days of absence in Tycoon mode, your aircraft are stored in the hangar to avoid the risk of incidents.

Here is some advice to help you recover your finances:

  • Check that you apply a unique and consistent strategy on your whole airline. To this end, check your aircraft and service configuration to ensure they are consistent with each other (full Long-Haul Economy, full Long-Haul Eco/Business/First, full Cargo, etc.).
  • Perform audits on your routes and check that the remaining demand of those routes is null and that the offer never exceed the demand obtained by audit; focus on your most profitable routes.
  • Take out loans via banks to get back on your feet financially.
  • Keep expanding your network to increase your turnover and perform external audits on the routes you want to open to check their profitability.
  • Perform Checks A from 1 or 2% above the value at which incidents may occur: from 11%, 16% or 21% depending on the researches you have developed.
  • Perform Checks D on aircraft that have an age rating equal or superior to 3.5 / 5.

Here are a few more tips:

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