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IATA: Current agency workers penalty and information about bonuses

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How the Agency workers penalty works

The “Agency workers penalty” indicates the salary percentage you could save by hiring permanently agency workers.


You can view your penalty percentage in “general information” in the staff section.

The percentage of “current agency workers penalty” shown in general information represents how much money you can save by hiring employees instead of agency workers.

To learn more about how bonuses works, you can tap “More information” on the right next to the penalty percentage.

Salary grid

I can see that having a workforce of 4,191 agency workers costs $300 per day and per job.

The “Salary grid” divides into categories the number of workers you have; agency workers, recruits, entry-level employees, professionals, managers.

This way, you can see the cost of each employee per day and per job! You will also see that agency workers cost more than hired staff, that’s why it is more interesting to hire agency workers.

Bonus system

Tap “Bonus system” below “Salary grid” to access this page.

To keep the bonus income system clear and simple, this table doesn’t take into account the total bonuses granted by all your employees but those granted per 500 employees. However, each employee does generate a number of points.

As indicated, agency workers and recruits don’t generate any bonus, entry-level employees generate few bonuses in one bonus category; professionals generate a certain bonus proportion in 2 different bonus category; and managers generate a lot of bonuses in the 3 bonus categories of the department.

The “characteristic A” represents the principal bonus granted by a training. This bonus is the most affected by the training.

The “characteristic B” represents the second bonus granted by a training. In the case of professionals, A and B categories grant the same bonus amount.

The “characteristic C” represents the third bonus granted by a training, this category will be the least affected bonus category.

In the case of entry-level students for example, only one bonus category is affected by a training. The only characteristic represented is the “characteristic A”.

To fully understand the principle, let’s see a concrete example:

In the “Airport Operations” department, bonus points will be granted to “Punctuality”, “Safety” and “Expenses” characteristics.
At the entry level, a “+” symbol is shown next to the characteristic that will be affected by the employee’s training. For example: the employee shown above indicates “Safety +”, this corresponds to the characteristic A.

By tapping the details button on the “Managers” row, you will see additional information: you can have 1 manager for 100 employees, each managed employee will cost 10% less and your managers salary will increase if your manager/employees ratio is exceeded.

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