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How does the cash flow forecast work?

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The cash flow forecast helps you anticipate costs and enables you to have an idea about what you will earn and what you will spend on the same day and on the next days.

Details of the forecast information

Turnover: the estimate of your turnover, yesterday’s turnover, today’s and tomorrow’s.

Flights cost: the costs for all your flights on all your routes.

Marketing: the cost of audits.

Loan: your loan repayments.

Purchase/Sale: all your aircraft or route purchases and sales.

Misc.: the amount of this column may include:
– the tax deducted on the same day;
– the $ -> R$ transfer;
– Workshop (or Card Wallet) bonuses and Slot Cockpit’s prizes;
– the payroll;
– aircraft reconfigurations;
– objective achievement rewards.

Total: this value represents your estimated real profit taking into account the flights results and the different charges.

Important note:

The values indicated in the cash flow forecast are estimates. They are indicative amounts which may differ depending on the actions you have performed throughout the same day and the next days. To get a sense of your real profits and costs, go take a look at your Account Book‘s history or at your Cash Account.

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