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Presentation of Airlines Manager

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Airlines Manager is a free online management game in real time!

Play on your smartphone, on your tablet with Android or iOS, or on your Web browser.

Among more than 2,600 real airports available in the game, start with a 300 million dollars capital and aim to become the biggest airline in the world!

Let yourself be tempted by this online management game and create an airline which reflects your image.


As close as possible to reality…

Committed to satisfy management enthusiasts, aeronautics fans as well as people looking for learning by playing, we do our best to stick to the reality while simplifying to guarantee a complete immersion in a rich and consistent world.

In Airlines Manager, a tremendous effort was put into the aircraft management. In addition to a wide choice of aircraft available in each category (short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul), you can customize the seating configuration of each aircraft for economy, business and first class to best meet your demand.

Mobile version – Flights map
Web version – Airline network

Plenty of features

The game offers many features enabling you to expand your airline. Besides the core management and a weekly figure forecast, you will have to make strategic choices to move up in the airline ranking.

With more than 500 researches to finance and 200 services to unlock, a well-established strategy is essential! Choose whether you should improve your services, unlock new aircraft or invest in the well-being of your employees! You are the boss.

Mobile version – R&D
Web version – R&D

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