How to adapt my services?

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Changing your services enables you to customize the way you take care of your customers.

Services grant you bonuses or penalties by changing your airline’s characteristics.

Categories of passenger services

There are four categories of passenger services: Partnership, Infrastructure, On-board services, and Airport services.

Each category enables you to change five services related to this category. 

Each service can be changed individually.

  • Partnership: partnerships enables you to sign advantageous agreements with external companies.

Services: Hotel, Transport, On-board advertising, Airport, Country.

  • Infrastructure: infrastructures are services related to passenger transfer and customer service of your airline.

Services: Check-in, Access services, Waiting room, Boarding, Call center.

  • On-board Services: this category enables you to customize the services you offer directly on board your aircraft.

Services: Seat location, Food, Quality of seats, On-board leisures, One-board safety.

  • Airport: airport services enables you to configure the “little extras” that your passengers can enjoy when they are on ground.  

Services: Food, Drinks, Shops, Toilets, On-ground safety.

Categories of cargo services

Each category enables you to change five services related to this category. Each service can be changed individually.

Important note:

Please note that some cargo services called “specialized” can decrease the passenger demand. This is indicated in the service’s effects.

  • Internal management: this category enables you to manage and optimize the management of your cargo department.

Services: Safety, Package management, Commercial infrastructure, Ground amenities, Subcontracting agreement.

  • Commercial support: commercial support includes all innovations that enable you to customize your offer.

Services: Logistics, Special products, Customer service, Cargo ads, Customs clearance.

Changing a service

Each service can be customized individually. Five choices are available for each one.

The central service is the service you offer your customers by default and it has no particular impact on your airline. Services located on the left side or on the right side enable you to specialize.

When a service is grey, you cannot select it yet. Thus it is necessary to unlock it in the R&D to activate it.


The service highlighted in blue is the service currently activated for your airline. You can learn more about the effects of a service by hovering your mouse over it.

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