New features of 3.5.6

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Dear CEO, your application is up to date! In this article, we invite you to discover the new features that come with it.

New features :

  • Reduction of affiliates cost creation

We have applied the subsidy system that existed for your main company’s hubs to the affiliate hubs. This will not be displayed as such, but the prices you will see have the subsidies included!

To take an example, your 10th affiliate hub will cost you about 10X less thanks to these new subsidies!

They will apply up to your 50th hub on average (this figure may vary depending on the size of the hubs you choose for your affiliates).

Misc. :

  • Added a catch log when there is an error in the shop’s initialization
  • When employees are retired, you are not redirected to the homepage anymore


Bugfixes : 

  • After buying a new aircraft, it will not show 0 cat. in your profile
  • In the maintenance book, the wear levels adapt to your minimal level for incidents R&D
  • In the “ my aircraft “ menu, entering an aircraft name and changing the hub filtered did not changed the results
  • The same thing happened when going to aircraft details and then changing the hub.
  • Deliveries notification should take into account the number of bulk buyed aircraft

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