New features of version 3.1

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Congratulations dear CEO, your application is up to date! In this article, we invite you to discover the new features that accompany it.

New: affiliate creation (Tycoon mode only)

A new feature for advanced players is introduced: affiliate creation.

In Airlines Manager, optimal management takes precedence over development at full speed. From now on, you will have to face a total kilometers limit of 30,000,000 km.

Only airlines with a highly developed network can reach this limit.

To continue to develop, you can transform the hubs you have already optimized into affiliates so that you no longer have to manage them on a daily basis and can fall below the kilometers limit.

To learn more about how to create an affiliate, click here.


If you accidentally log out of a guest account, your username and temporary password will automatically appear on the login screen so that you can access your airline.


A guest account is an account without an email address. To register your email address, click on the nut icon and then on “account management”. In the tab that opens, press the “e-mail address” button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Regarding visual comfort, the list display has been improved by adding a header in the Route selection, Hub purchase, Aircraft lease and Aircraft purchase screens.

In addition, it is now possible to get an overview of the impact of your new prices on a particular day of the week. This allows you to avoid having to change your prices if they are not adapted to the demand related to your flights on a specific day.

In addition, by closing the “Since your last connection…” screen, the $ balance is visually updated to take into account the income you earned or lost during your absence.

Incidents are also much better indicated on the “Route flights” screen. If a flight has been missed, the line is red and it is possible to access the incident list via a new “Cancelled flight” button.

In the interface, you can also notice the enhancement of the inserts of hubs, routes and aircraft that benefit from a gazette or event promotion. A button and the percentage of reduction are on all the elements concerned.


For aircraft, the prices displayed in the menus already take into account the discount. The gross price and the reduced price are only indicated when you confirm your purchase.

Finally, we have taken your feedback into account by systematically displaying unused routes in grey on the world map.

Various bug fixes

  • The app is correctly refreshed when you restart your game after having put it in standby (no need to restart the app).
  • If you have not yet spun the Wheel of TravelCard, the “Since your last login…” screen now indicates that you have one more game to play and the current multiplier.
  • The word of the day that announces a new gazette allows you to access it directly again.
  • When several objectives are met simultaneously, the resources are added in their respective order of appearance.
  • The nut can no longer get stuck in Bob’s mini-game.
  • Implementation of player feedback on the vector map (modified borders, relocation of certain cities).
  • The AM+ obtained by completing 50% of the objectives is correctly updated without having to restart the app.
  • In Aircraft Flights, you can now go back to “today” by pressing the button of the same name.
  • The guided tour of the sponsorship is correctly validated if the user goes to Settings and then Account Management.
  • The AM+ no longer appears above the repair window in Bob’s mini-game.
  • Schedule copy no longer causes problems with the route list filter in the schedule.
  • The Gazette appears / disappears correctly after an account switch.
  • In list mode in the aircraft lease screen, the fuel information is put back in the right place.

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