New features of the 3.0.5

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Congratulations dear CEO, your application is up to date! In this article, we invite you to discover the new features that accompany it.

Custom Flight-Radar for cargo aircraft

In the previous update, the Flight-Radar had been improved by adding new flight stages. This evolution continues with the customization of a flight stage specific to passenger aircraft configured as cargo aircraft.

Typical Week and Typical Day

To meet the community’s request, the presentation of the Typical Week screen has been modified. No more percentages but a bar graph that shows you if your fleet is responding correctly to the demand of each passenger class and cargo.

When the bar is green, the demand for the corresponding category is optimally met. Otherwise, the bar turns yellow, orange, or red so that you can easily identify schedule problems.

To take the analysis even further, a new screen appears: Typical Day. To access it, simply press one of the days of the week on the Typical Week screen.

In the left part, we find the bar graph in more detail. The filling percentages are indicated on the abscissa: almost 100%, everything is fine, otherwise the bars become redder and redder as you move away from this optimal rate.

On the right, you can see the planes serving the route for this day of the week. The figures under “Remaining request at the end of the flight” highlight the categories for which it is necessary to modify the schedule. To make these changes, simply press the icon to the far right of the route in question.

Comfort gains

If you are one of the new players who has just completed the tutorial, the guided tour is an essential step for you. Unlike before, where you had to follow the steps one by one until the objective was achieved, you can now retrace your steps with the back button.

In addition, players for whom the Slot Cockpit is part of the routine will be able to see a small notification icon. This appears until you have taken advantage of all your daily games.

New languages

Last but not least, Airlines Manager is now available in Italian and Portuguese! A significant comfort for our Italian and Portuguese speaking players. 🙂

Finally, in addition to the optimizations mentioned above, many code optimizations and various bug fixes have been implemented.

Bug fixed:

  • Schedule: flights from Sunday to Monday now fixed.
  • Flight-Radar: included correct punctuation on the new states.
  • United Kingdom flag: the flag was not displayed correctly, now fixed.
  • Canceled transaction: localization was wrong.
  • Cola Boost: confirmation in-game message had tags displayed.
  • Account Switch: blank spaces at the end of text fields are now automatically ignored.
  • Bob toolbox: fixed the ad on Bob screen to make it coherent with the Workshop.
  • Configuration: fixed an infinite loading issue for some old accounts.
  • Multiple fixes to the back button behavior on Android.
  • Fixed the lab artwork in R&D.

Happy flying!

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