New features of version 2.7

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What is your rank?

See where you are ranking at a glance when you log in, your rank is compared to the total number of players who are competing with you! This will be useful to help you make the necessary actions to keep moving up the ranking.

A Workshop with even more bonuses for Professionals, and more gifts for Tycoons!

In the Workshop, you will find more cheaper little bonuses to make your airline grow at your pace.

Important note:

The Workshop is a feature of the Professional mode.

As for the Tycoon version, the more Card Wallets you open, the more gifts you can receive. Fill up the bar to get even more bonuses!

Important note:

The Card Wallet is a feature of the Tycoon mode.

Schedule your flights with several aircraft at the same time!

To make your fleet management easier, you can now copy your schedules from an aircraft to another! A significant time-saving feature for airlines with a large fleet.

Cherry on the cake: you can ensure a perfect shift over 168 hours!

Proud of your airline?

Share and comment your progression on social networks in a single tap! Challenge your friends showing how good your CEO’s skills are! 😉

Important note:

This feature is initially available on Android only.

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