The Premium strategy

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Choosing a Premium strategy means taking decisions regarding your marketing, your employees and your staff to offer your passengers services that can live up to their expectations!

How to get started?

Opting for a Premium strategy may mean choosing a departure hub close to a city with a high annual passenger traffic. But don’t get it wrong, as in this case it is very important to perform external audits on different hubs of the region to know which one could match your strategy… It’s up to you to choose un hub close to downtown or not to meet your type of passenger’s expectations! Besides, it could be a good idea to perform external audits on the destinations you will choose.

To increase the capacity of First and Business class passengers, you may configure your aircraft. But remember to keep an eye on the remaining demand too. As for purchasing or leasing, the choice is yours…

It’s up to you to change prices by increasing the Premium ticket prices within reason, it may increase the demand in some cases. Don’t hesitate to perform price simulations before changing your prices, this way you can see what effect results from your change without waiting a full day.

What choices can I make?

You will have to make important choices in the R&D to develop your luxury strategy:

  • General research:

Increase the qualification of your staff by investing in training centers.



Hire new directors and arrange offices and laboratories to increase your staff’s performance.



  • Aircraft research:

It is sometimes interesting to unlock prestigious aircraft for some routes.



  • Services research:

Develop your luxury services to offer services related to your strategy.

Important note:

These researches are given for information purposes, it is not always a good thing to develop everything, it’s up to you to take the good decisions for your airline!

A brand image to maintain

You will have to make difficult choices about hiring. Be better than your competitors so you can hire qualified staff… But beware of the qualities and shortcomings of your staff!

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