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Cargo strategies: an additional income

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The cargo feature can be unlocked via the general R&D. It will give you the possibility to carry goods on all your routes and you will access a new research category: the Cargo R&D.


Once it is available, the Cargo R&D will enable you to unlock aircraft specialized in the transportation of goods and other diverse services related to cargo.


Cargo as an additional income

Cargo can be considered like a new source of income. In this case, your strategy is still focused on passenger transportation and cargo is a small source of additional income.

For this strategy, is is recommended to unlock services which do not involve a reduction of your passenger demand, but it’s up to you to find the best compromise according to your strategy.


Cargo can be considered as an additional income, except if it is the airline’s only activity.

Cargo as a single strategy

Cargo is a new feature which also enables you to have a brand new approach of the game. If an airline chooses to only carry cargo, it can do it, but it will lose a major part of its passenger demand in return.

An airline specialized in cargo can totally compete with a classic airline, especially if the airline is optimized for the transportation of goods (with services specialized in cargo).

The cargo airlines are characterized by a high profitability of their routes (higher maximum turnover per route) and by a slightly lower profitability per aircraft. However, this decrease is balanced by a tax credit called “Cargo bonus” which you can find in your general accounting:

Important note:

Unlocking some specialized services can result in a loss of PAX (Passengers) for your airline.

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