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This feature is currently only available on Tycoon mode, and will eventually be available on Pro mode.

How the Alliances work

Airlines Manager now allows you to create your own Alliance regardless of your media and game mode! You will be able to create a group with your friends or other players to allow your alliance to climb in the rankings!

An alliance can be created from a Pro account or a Tycoon account, and can be managed on both the mobile and web versions. A Pro alliance remains available only on the Pro version, and vice versa (if you create an alliance on the Tycoon mode, you will not be able to manage it with a Pro account)


What is an Alliance?

Alliances are groups of several players who gather around common interests – besides the obvious passion for Airlines Manager! – but also in order to make their companies evolve quicker.

Indeed, being in an alliance is to be part of a community of players that will allow you to benefit from valuable advice to develop your company.

Being part of an Alliance allows you to communicate more easily with the players in your group and to participate in the progression of the Alliance in the ranking. Let’s see how it all works…


Create an Alliance

By going to the “Alliances” menu without being a member of an alliance, you will have the possibility to create one.
(Note: If you want to create an alliance while already being a member of another alliance, you will have to leave said other alliance first. It is impossible to create or join an alliance if you are already part of an alliance).

Creating your alliance will cost you 100 AM coins.

Once the creation fee is paid, you can then fill out your alliance profile. This includes:
– The name of the alliance (from 3 to 15 characters, no offensive content)
– Alliance acronym (3 to 5 characters, letters and numbers only, offensive content not allowed) This acronym will identify your alliance, even if the name is shared.
– The description of the alliance (optional)
– The preferred language of your alliance (International by default)
– The profile of your alliance (Private or Public. Public is chosen by default)
– The Headquarters (also called HQ) of your alliance. Please note that it is currently not possible to change your HQ after choosing it.


Join an Alliance: Public Alliances and Private Alliances

The profile of an alliance, determined at its creation, indicates if a player can join it with or without invitation.

– A public alliance can be joined automatically, just click on the “join” button. The player who joins the alliance does not yet have a role and has the basic rights of a member.

– A private alliance cannot be joined without permission from the alliance administration. If a player is invited to this alliance he must still apply to show his interest in joining the alliance. He does not have a role yet and has the basic rights.

Note: If two private alliances validate the same application simultaneously, the first one a player applies to is given priority. If a private alliance goes public, the applications are automatically accepted. The players who applied the earliest will be accepted first.


Alliance Ranking (Miles)

The alliances are ranked by a system called “The Miles”.

The Miles of your Alliance are divided into 2 components: the Player Miles and the Harmony Coefficient.

Player Miles depend on the quality of your open lines. Thus, the more incidents a line has during the 15 lats days, the less miles it will earn. Conversely, a route with no incidents and regular PAX flights will earn more miles. Since individual miles may decrease according to incidents on your flight lines, the more incidents your maintenance logbook shows, the fewer miles your company will earn for your alliance. You should therefore also take care of the maintenance of your aircraft in order to avoid any incident!

The Harmony coefficient depends on the diversity of the lines of your Alliance. To maintain this coefficient, the members of the Alliance will have to favor a diversity of lines on their respective networks.
In order for your Alliance to climb the rankings, you will need to make sure that your internal network is diversified and not redundant!

Important note :
Subsidiaries are calculated separately from your company and therefore removed from your initial calculation which may result in a relative loss of miles. However, only players with subsidiaries will be able to get the maximum number of miles in the game.

Delete an Alliance 

Via the management menu of your alliance, you can delete your alliance. This will remove your alliance from the general ranking and all alliance members will again be free to join or create a new alliance.

You will also be able to hand over the director’s role to another player, if you no longer wish to be in charge of the alliance.


Purchase assistance

You have the opportunity to support a member of your Alliance in their purchases by paying a portion of their order. The buyer will only pay 86.4% of his order, regardless of the number of aircraft purchased during the transaction. However, a waiting period of 24h must happen between each request performed by the buyer.

From the purchase assistance menu, you will be able to see the list of players who made requests.

In this list, you can select a request and help the player who made the request. Once the request has been filled 100% or the 24h waiting period to perform a request is done, the help request is closed and is no longer available.

You can make one request per day in the aircraft purchase menu, by selecting the option “Discount via Alliances”.

When requesting the purchase assistance, the buyer is debited the amount he has to pay (90% of the 96%). The order is then sent for delivery. The delivery time of the aircraft purchased through the purchase assistance is unchanged from a regular purchase.
For the “Purchase assistance request” action, a 24-hour period is applied. This means that the buyer has to wait for this period to send another request. During this period, the rest of the purchase (10% of the 96%) can be paid by the other members of your Alliance. If the total amount of support does not reach 10% within 24 hours, the buyer will have to pay the difference. Be careful: the buyer’s cash flow may go into the negative after having been debited with this amount.


If you want to know more about members, roles and rights within the Alliance, check out this link!

If you are looking for more information about the general chat, communication and the friend list, check out this link!


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