How to create/join an alliance?

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Attracted by alliances? In this article, you will see the two possible ways to belong to an alliance.

Indeed, now that you have seen why it is interesting to be part of an alliance, you might think about creating one yourself to build your own network of game partners! Or, maybe you simply want to join an alliance that is already active with a well-established community which can help you grow quickly.

This feature is only available in the Professional mode on the web version of the game.

How to create your alliance?

It is an interesting choice to have an alliance which is a reflection of your airline! Thus you can gather players sharing the same passions and enjoying different advantages to evolve faster all together.

There are four steps to create your alliance:

1. Log in to your account.Menu Alliances

2. Click the alliance logo in the menu on the right side of the page.

3. Click the alliance logo with a green “+”.Bouton cr√©er Alliance

4. Fill out the alliance creation form.

About the creation form

First, you will choose the name of your alliance. This name will be visible in the list of alliances and in the general ranking of alliances.

It is the opportunity to choose a name which will make you shine and stand out!


To add a more personal touch and a real visual identity (logo) to your alliance, you can add your own logo in accordance with the maximum size and weight allowed for the image.


It is here you will define the weekly tax which will be debited every Saturday morning from the account of each member of the alliance including yourself. Please check the article on alliance taxes to learn more about this subject.


The description of your alliance is the corner in which you will introduce your alliance and its philosophy. The description is one of the first means to put yourself forward and attract applications.

Seize the opportunity to awaken the communicator within you!

You are almost done. You can create a forum for your alliance later in order to have your own space to exchange with the other members of your alliance.

You have filled out the form and you are now one click away from the creation of your alliance. To complete the creation, you just have to validate¬†the form by clicking on the “Create alliance” button.

After creating your alliance, you can start recruiting members via the “Recruitment” tab of the “Alliance management” page by inviting the CEOs that you think¬†will live¬†up to your expectations.

To recruit more members in you alliance, you can make announcements in the Alliance section of the online chat.

How to join an alliance?

This choice can lead you to develop more quickly with the help of other members who are already experienced and active! You could get substantial advantages such as wise advice from other alliance members, among other things you can take advantage from by being part of an alliance.

To join an alliance, click on the Alliance button on the right side of the homepage (step 2 of the alliance creation). You will access to the “List of alliances”.

By browsing this list, you can view the profile of other alliances. Choose¬†an alliance that you are interested in then click on “Alliance profile”.

Now you are on its profile and you can view¬†all its information. To join the alliance, you have to submit an application by following the alliance’s instructions given¬†in its description or via the “Join the alliance” tab if there is no particular information about the application procedure.

When the recruitment campaign of an alliance is finished, it is written in the description.

To help you choose your alliance, think about browsing through the alliance ranking.

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