How do alliance taxes work?

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Alliances use several types of tax (see below). These taxes are the only way to increase the balance of an alliance.

Important note:

This feature is only available in the Professional mode on the web version of the game.

Weekly tax

The weekly tax is debited from the account of each alliance member every Saturday morning. The tax amount is credited to the account of the alliance to allow it to finance a part of aircraft group purchase and allocate a budget to research and development.

The tax is based on a rate fixed (x%) by alliance members (founder, right-hand man, or marketing director), and on the average structural profit (SP) of the alliance member over the last 7 days multiplied by 7.

For example, if the alliance tax is set at 5% and your SP is $5,000,000 over 7 days, the calculation will be:
5,000,000 x 7 x 0.05 = 1,750,000

Thus, you credit the alliance account with $1,750,000 every Saturday morning.

Important note:

The amount is different for each alliance member as it is proportional to each member’s revenues.

Alliance tax on shared routes

For each hub sharing contract, an airline tax is applied to shared routes. Each member benefiting from a shard hub will pay the tax to the alliance.

Airline tax on shared routes

When a hub sharing contract is made, a tax is applied to the routes that will be opened from this hub. This tax is the airline tax on shared routes. The member who benefits from the shared hub will pay the tax to the member who shares the hub.

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