How does Alliance R&D work?

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Alliance have their own research and development department. This R&D is different from your airline’s R&D.

Important note:

This feature is only available in the Professional mode on the web version of the game.

How does it work?

The alliance R&D enables you to develop researches specific to alliances’ development and benefits. It is composed of three major categories: General, Group Purchase, and Cargo. Each one is composed of 5 levels that allow you to increase its corresponding benefits gradually.

General development

In this R&D section, you can develop what is directly related to the alliance, so you can affect its finances or its accommodation capacity.

This option enables you to increase the alliance weekly tax and accordingly, to allow your alliance to increase its budget.


budget R&D de l'alliance

Just like in the usual R&D, you can increase the daily budget allocated to research to make your alliance grow more quickly.


R&D ajout d'un membre

You will have to develop this research to increase the number of members that you can recruit within your alliance.



An alliance can recruit up to 20 members!

Development of Group Purchase

Within the alliance, you can make aircraft group purchases by browsing through the purchase catalog at your disposal.
However, all aircraft are not available at first! That’s why the R&D has a role to play as it enables you to extend the catalog of aircraft available at purchase but also to increase the discount rate on group purchases.

Click here to watch the tutorial about group purchases

Cargo development

R&D cargo

If your alliance members or yourself have chosen a cargo strategy, you can also extend the catalog of available cargo aircraft for group purchases.


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