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How many members in an Alliance?

An Alliance can have up to 50 members.

The Alliance Director role

The role of Director will be given by default to the creator of the Alliance. The role of Director gives access to all the rights, prevents from being banned, only one member can and must have this role. Only the Director will be able to give the role of Director to another so that he takes his place. The director will have the right to dissolve his Alliance. This role cannot be removed. 

The Alliance Members roles

The basic role will be automatically assigned to all the members of the Alliance who do not have a role. It is a role which does not contain any rights, but it will be modifiable in order to add some.
For example, if the right “Recruitment” is added to the basic role, all players who have the basic role will be able to accept the application of a new member.

Roles are at the discretion of the players except for the Director role. The other roles are to be created and must include: A name A right(s) If a role is modified, all the people having this role are subject to the modification. If a role is deleted, all people with that role acquire the Basic Role.

Rights will be added to roles via a checkbox system that the player checks and unchecks depending on the role he wants to create.


List of the Rights:

Right Actions
  • Director
  • Change the name of the Alliance
  • Change the Alliance acronym
  • Change the preferred language
  • Change the Alliance’s welcome message
  • Change the Alliance’s visibility (Private or Public)
  • Role management
  • Create a role
  • Delete a role
  • Assign a role
  • Remove a member’s role
  • Modify a role
  • Ban
  • Ban (expel) a member of the Alliance. It’s not possible to Ban the Director
  • Emergency Message
  • Write an “important” message (with different color) in the Alliance’s chat
  • Recruitment (Private Alliances only)
  • Accept the application of a new member
  • Reject the application of a new member


If you want to know more about what an Alliance is, how it works, how to create or join one, ranking and purchase assistance within the Alliance, check out this link! 

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