Airlines Manager Tycoon – Season 2

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The second season of the Tycoon mode starts with a few key changes!

This game mode is designed to be more dynamic while offering more challenges in your progression in the short, medium and long term in order to reach a better balance between players.

The mode aims to be balanced in each player’s evolution, whether he/she has just started the game or plays since the beginning.

From now on, the game will reward especially the most clever managers who will have the most developed strategy. Taking the right approach to banks, audits and R&D will be crucial to be efficient.

Indeed some rules are changed regarding banks, age or audits in particular.

Here is below the list of changes:

Conversion rate $ to R$

Previously, the conversion rate randomly ranged from 0.80 and 1.30.

Now this rate will range from 0.60 and 1.10.


  • Audits pricing

This change impacts internal and external audits, and hub audits.

Previously, the price of audits was the same for all players.

Now, the price of all audits will directly depend on airline size, according to its number of stars.

Each star received will increase audits prices.

  • Audits’ R&D

In the general R&D, a series of researches enable to decrease audits prices.

The price of those researches in R$ has been increased.


  • Higher age impact on wear


Age 1/5 = +1% wear speed

Age 5/5 = 5% wear speed

From season 2:


  1. 1/5 = +0% wear speed
  2. 2/5 = +2% wear speed
  3. 3/5 = +5% wear speed
  4. 4/5 = +9% wear speed
  5. 4,5/5 = +14%
  6. 5/5 = +20% wear speed

In other words:

The impact of age on wear has been increased considerably. The older an aircraft, the faster it will wear. An aircraft whose age ranges from 1 and 3 will “wear slowly”. From 4, the wear speed increases radically.

The older an aircraft, the higher the age impact on wear speed.

Aircraft age reset for all airlines

New season = new start = restoration of your aircraft. The age of your aircraft will be reset to 1/5 for all airlines (offered by Playrion).

As a result, there is no need to perform a D Check for now. It’s up to you to manage your aircraft’s wear the best possible way.

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