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­čô▒ Mobile: how to better manage my routes’ prices?

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The price management allows you to optimize the demand of your routes.

Generally speaking, prices should be changed in the following cases:

1) Setting the ideal price before assigning aircraft to the route.

2) Reaching a demand close to 0 when aircraft are already assigned to a route.

3) Reducing prices to have enough demand to assign a new aircraft to a route.

List of routes

To change a routes’ prices, go to “Network management”, tap the blue button on the right of a row then tap “Manage prices”

Managing the prices of a route

We can see my departure hub is ATL and my arrival airport is AER on the top-left corner of the window.

This window shows two inserts containing all the information you may need to manage your routes in a optimal way.

  1. Prices: amount of current prices on the route for each class.
    • Demand: the number of passengers by class who want to travel via this route with your airline. You can make this total┬áfluctuate by changing your prices and some of your airline characteristics.
    • Remaining demand: the number of available seats scheduled on this route, thus it is the maximum number of passengers you can carry on this route with the aircraft which are already scheduled.
    • Max turnover: maximum price for each class that each passenger could pay to travel via┬áthis route with your airline.
  2. Change: 
    • Prices: it is here you can change your prices then confirm or simulate them.
    • Recommended: prices recommended by your marketing team after performing an internal audit on the route.
    • Simulated demand: prices recommended by your marketing team after performing a simulation.
    • Remaining demand: the demand that remains for each class if you apply the prices obtained by the simulated demand.
    • Turnover: turnover you could reach if you applied the prices of the simulated demand.

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