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📱Mobile: how do my agenda and objectives work?

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In Airlines Manager, you will make your airline evolve via the achievement of several objectives written in your agenda. A first Agenda will guide you through the first steps of your airline development before being replaced by your final agenda.

The tutorial agenda

The objectives of the tutorial agenda are the first objectives your airline has to achieve. They give a first overview of the different features of the game.

When you click on the magnifying glass icon next to an objective, you can see its details.

In the objective’s details, you can see a big reward will be granted to you each time you successfully achieve an objective.


At this stage of the game, the “Guided tour” button is useful to guide you step by step through the different pages you can access within the game in order to achieve your objectives.


At the beginning of the game, guided tours are really useful to help you familiarize with the game and understand its nuts and bolts. Feel free to use them!

Once all the objectives of the tutorial agenda are completed, you gain access to the final agenda which contains objectives in the long run.

The final agenda

This agenda replaces the tutorial agenda once all the objectives contained in the latter will be achieved.

This agenda is more than 500 objectives to achieve to develop your airline!

When the tutorial objectives will be achieved, you will gain access to more than 500 objectives related to your progress.

As you achieve the agenda’s objectives, you will receive rewards such as $, R$ or AM Coins.


A rumor circulates about the existence of a prodigious reward for players who manage to achieve all the objectives!

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