How to get a maximum of TravelCards?

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By spinning the Wheel of TravelCards EVERY DAY.

To get a maximum amount of TravelCards guaranteed, it is recommended to play the Wheel of TravelCards every day. Indeed, playing every day will increase your multiplier.

Cycle of the multiplier:

1st day logged in = x 1
2nd day = x 1,5
3rd day = x 2
4th day = x 2,5 + 5 Tickets
5th day = x 4
6th day = x 1
7th day = x 1,5

If you stop halfway through, you go back to the beginning of the cycle. For example:

1st day logged in = x 1
2nd day = x 1,5
3rd day, didn’t log = no prize
4th day = x 1
5th day = x 1,5
6th day = x 2
7th day = x 2,5 + 5 Tickets

By playing the Wheel of TravelCards every day, you will add up the TravelCards winnings and receive 5 tickets for the Slot Cockpit on the 4th consecutive day you play the Wheel of TravelCards.

By playing the Slot Cockpit

To add up TravelCards winnings, the Slot Cockpit is very useful, it guarantees you a maximum number of chances to win many TravelCards.
You can play the Slot Cockpit 20 times a day, which represents 20 chances to win TravelCards!

By buying TravelCards

Whether you play on the web or on your mobile, you can also buy TravelCards in the AM Shop.
There are several packs, some with TravelCards only, others containing different resources.

By converting AM Coins into TravelCards

In the AM Shop, you can also exchange AM Coins for TravelCards with the SWAP.

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