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AM Gold subscription: my management partner

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The AM Gold subscription is giving you access to the best experience possible on Airlines Manager through numerous added features and gifts.




AM Gold replaces AM+ starting February 23rd 2021. This change brings a number of new features that are detailed below.


What is AM Gold?


AM Gold is the Airlines Manager subscription system helping you manage your airline’s day to day and rewards your loyalty with a number of gifts every month.
As well as an early access to new in-development features, AM Gold gives you the possibility to use powerful tools to manage your airline. On top of this, you will have a choice of several strategic gifts to help it grow.


Here is a round up of all the features: 
Airline automation:


  • Automated maintenance:
    • Your fleet slowly accumulates wear and tear but you wish you didn’t have to keep watching it like a hawk to avoid incidents? We have good news for you: you can now have your aircraft repaired automatically after they reach a certain percentage of wear and age.


  • Automatic lease renewal:
    • An end to the anxiety inducing loss of aircraft at the end of a lease contact! With this option you can ask for all your aircraft lease contracts to be automatically renewed until you decide to stop it (as long as your AM Gold subscription is active). Be careful: the lease contract still costs money and your accounts will be regularly charged the price of the lease during the entirety of the contract.


  • Validation of completed deliveries:
    • AM Gold now allows you to complete all of your deliveries instantaneously and independently of the rest of your other pending tasks. Enjoy completing your fleet on your own terms and at your own pace.


Airline boosts:
  • Faster delivery (-50%):
    • Be it an aircraft purchase, a long awaited research project or even a loan being drafted, as an AM Gold CEO, you can skip ahead of the line and enjoy 50% reduced delivery times.
  • Slot Cockpit gains boost (+20%):
    • Be it Dollars ($), Research Dollars (R$) or Travel Cards, any Slot Cockpit reward you will receive as an AM Gold subscriber will be boosted by 20%.


Advanced Airline Management
  • Finder map:
    • On the mobile app, access the Finder map no matter your star level. You’ll be able to discover new routes adapted to your strategy at a glance.
  • Mass Tools:
    • Move aircraft from hub to hub, sell routes, empty schedules in only a couple of clicks. Restructuring your airline becomes child’s play! (NB: Mass Tools are currently free to try on Airlines Manager’s web version until the end of the beta at the end of the first semester of 2021)


  • More tickets on the Cockpit Slots:
    • Now, for every ad you watch in the mobile version of the game will net you 4 Slot Cockpit tickets instead of 2.
  • A gift at every level: 

For each month you subscribe to AM Gold and to thank you for your precious support, a number of gifts will be available for you to claim in the Workshop every month to help you manage your airline.
These gifts are renewed every month asynchronously (not at the same time).


Number of accumulated months subscribed Level Number of gift every month
1st 1 1 gift
2nd 2 1 gift
3th 3 3 gifts
4th 4 3 gifts
5th 5 3 gifts
6th 6 4 gifts
7th 7 4 gifts
8th 8 4 gifts
9th 9 4 gifts
10th 10 5 gifts
11th 11 5 gifts
12th 12 (maximum level) 5 gifts
13th month and after 12 (maximum level) 5 gifts


How to subscribe to AM Gold

The subscription being linked to your Airlines Manager account, it will follow you across devices (including the browser version).

30 days subscription with AM Coins:

You can still subscribe to the new AM Gold subscription with your AM Coins bought in the game’s shop (just like with AM+) : it doesn’t change ! This subscription is month by month and won’t be automatically renewed. Be careful not to lose your automated maintenance at a bad time !

Subscribing through Google Play Store or Apple App Store for a month or a year:

You can also subscribe through your store account in your application store on both Android and iOS !

You can subscribe monthly, with a reduced introductory price on your first month, or annually.

Important: Each subscription is linked to your Google or Apple account. This means you can only run one per game mode (Pro or Tycoon).


Older AM+ subscribers:

On February 23 2021, you had an active subscription to AM+ ? Thank you for your support !
Your subscription has been converted to AM Gold for the complete duration of your active subscription at the time of the swap. You’ll be able to enjoy all of AM Gold new perks.
If you had 60 days of AM+ left when we rolled out AM Gold, you’ll get 60 days of AM Gold. Same goes for 7, 20 or 1000 days !
Additionally, we’re calculating your accumulated months of subscription by taking into account your AM+ subscription: if you’ve been subscribed to AM+ for several months (consecutive or not), you’ll be able to redeem the associated gifts. For more information on how additional gifts work, check the gift table earlier on this article.


How to unsubscribe:


You want to take a break with your subscription? You have a complaint?

If you’ve subscribed using AMCoins directly ingame, you can just wait for your monthly subscription to end. You don’t have anything else to do.

If you’ve subscribed through Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you’ll have to check directly the subscription page within the stores:


On Google Play Store:

  • Open the Google Play Store App
  • Check you’re logged in the correct Google account
  • Look for the menu in the top left corner
  • Click “Subscriptions”
  • Select the desired subscription
  • “Cancel Subscription” and follow the instructions


On Apple App Store:

  • Open the App Store
  • Click on your profile
  • Go to Subscriptions
  • Select Airlines Manager
  • Select Cancel Subscriptions.
  • If you don’t see an option for cancelling your subscription, it means your subscription is already in the process of being cancelled and won’t be renewed


In any case, if you encounter a problem, you can contact Airlines Manager Support or your application store support to get some dedicated assistance.

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