How to customize my airline?

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The airline customization is more about your airline’s image, it doesn’t impact your airline’s performance.

Customize your CEO

You can change the name of your CEO at any time to prevent any abuse, it is necessary to pay 5 AM Coins to change the name.

You have to choose a name which is not already used by another player and without any special character. You can change the appearance of your CEO at any time and for free by selecting one of the character designs offered by the game.

important note:

Remember to tell your friends about this change, they won’t be able to contact you via the messaging system with your old CEO’s name.

Customize your secretary

Like the customization of the CEO, similar options are offered to customize your secretary. See “Customize your CEO” section above for more details.

Customize your airline

On this page, you can change the name and the logo of your airline.

  • Maximum weight of the logo: 700 kb
  • Size of the logo: Width: 150 / height: 70
  • File type of the logo : JPG & PNG only.

Remember that your airline’s name enables other players to recognize you, don’t change it unless you have a good reason to do so.

You can also write a description for your airline, it will be displayed on your profile and visible to other players.

Players using curse words in their description may be expelled from the game.

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