Launch of 3.0

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Dear CEOs, welcome to this page which contains everything you need to know about the new version 3.0!

What is 3.0?

Version 3.0 is an exclusively mobile version. It offers a brand new graphical interface and a greatly improved gaming experience. You will be able to rediscover the management of your airline through a different presentation and new colors that give Airlines Manager a more user-friendly, coherent and modern look.

In addition, the code has been thoroughly revised to provide an optimized and more efficient version that will support the development of major new features planned for 2019 such as Alliances.

You don’t have to do anything to get this new version; 3.0 will be gradually deployed and will replace the old version as a simple update.

When will 3.0 arrive?

Like each version of Airlines Manager, the release of 3.0 will be progressive and will be done in two steps.

STEP 1: a beta version will be available from April 3 to April 23 for a limited number of players who want to download this new version in advance.

Attention :

If you want to keep an application fully functional, we advise you to avoid participating in this BETA phase and wait for the official release of the final version.

To participate in this BETA version, it’s simple! On Android, participate in the test version by clicking here:
As soon as the new version is available for you, the PlayStore will inform you that an update is required.

STEP 2: The final version will be available from April 10 for a growing percentage of players until April 23 on both iOS and Android. 100% of players should have 3.0 by April 23 (unless there is a major problem;)).

Note :

The web version is not affected by these changes.