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Airlines Manager is an autonomous game: even if you are logged out, it keeps running and calculating your flights. However, if you don’t log in for a certain period of time, your airline may be in “stand-by mode” to avoid an overload of unused data.

When you log out of the game, flights keep being calculated for 8 days. Then, they stop being calculated. So if you are away from the game for 8 days, there won’t be any loss.

On the Tycoon version, an absence during 4 days in real time should not be exceeded.

On the other hand, if this period is exceeded, you may lose profits as revenues won’t be taken into account. In addition, your figures may become negative as some expenses are automatically debited, especially:

  • loan repayments
  • $ > R$ tranfers
  • salaries

Revenues are calculated again from midnight on the day you log back in the game.

For example, if you log back in on January 1st after being logged out of the game for a long time, flights calculation will be taken into account and updated again from January 1st at midnight.

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